Virtual Reality Hackathon
The hackathon for virtual reality & immersive technologies
October 17-19, 2014
A weekend that transformed the future of immersive technologies
San Francisco
Gray Area's Art & Technology Theater
This community driven event is focused on bringing together the brightest minds interested in virtual reality and related technologies to develop innovative hardware and software solutions, have fun, and build out the future of immersive technology.
What is the VR Hackathon?
The VR Hackathon provides an exploratory environment where disruption, innovation, and creative ideas are brought to life. It looks to bring together crowd sourced knowledge for the advancement of virtual reality & complementary technologies.
When is the hackathon?
The event will be the weekend of October 17-19, 2014.
Where is the hackthon?
The event will take place at Gray Area's Art & Technology Theater.
Who is having this party?
The open community of virtual reality and immersive technology developers, designers, makers, and artists along with the Web3D Consortium and amazing sponsors are making this hackathon happen.
Gray Area's Art & Technology Theater
2665 Mission Street
thank you vr hackathon organizers
Thank you Mike Aratow, Elizabeth Ruscitto, Damon Hernandez, Eriks Strals, Edwin Abarca, Anthony Lerma, Cade Peterson, Anita Havele, Syed Khan, Jason Ochoa, the Gray Area team, and all others that helped organized this wonderful event.
A Big Thanks To Our Amazing Sponsors
Community Supporters
the biggest thanks to our wonderful vr community