vr hackathon mini
The hackathon for young people into virtual reality & immersive technologies
may 9, 2015
a day for kids and young adults to transform the future of immersive technologies
New Jersey
Location: Bergen County
This first event in New Jersey was focused on bringing together the brightest young minds from grades 5th-8th interested in virtual reality and related technologies to create with innovative hardware and software, have fun, and build out their future with immersive technologies.
What is VR Hackathon MINI?
The VR Hackathon MINI provides an exploratory environment where disruption, innovation, and creative ideas are brought to life. This time young people from grades 5-8 had access to the latest immersive technologies.
Where & when is the hackathon?
The event took place at Bergen Makerspace in Bergen County, New Jersey. The event was on May 9, 2015 from 8:00am - 8:00pm.
Who is having this party?
Educators joined forces with the Web3D Consortium and amazing sponsors who made this hackathon happen. Organizers include Mark Tronicke (Bergen Makerspace), Marianne Malmstrom (XP Galaxy), and Rurik Nackerud (XP Galaxy). Participating organizations include Futuristas (Jennifer Breslin and Lubna Dajani).
What schools participated?
Elisabeth Morrow Middle School
UN International School
Suffern Middle School
William Annin Middle School
Bergen Makerspace
Our host

Here are some of the tools students used at the hackathon.

MINI Media

Thanks to all for capturing this epic event!

Video courtesy of Bergen Makerspace

A Big Thanks To Our Amazing Sponsors